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Booking (4 Lakhs) Our New Project 2BHK Simplex East Facing Near Tankapani Road Sai Temple Land Area 1200 sqft Construction Area 706sqft Furnished House Total Cost Rs 27,46,000/- (80% Loan available)

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Booking (4 Lakhs) 2BHK Simplex North Facing In Bankual 1200 Sqft Land Construction Area 706sqft Furnished House Total Cost Rs 23,46,000/- (80% Loan available)

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Residential Gharabari Plots In Bankual With 20FT Road (North Facing) Near Tankapani Road Sai Temple Per Sqft Rs 1300/- Immediate Registration & Possession.

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Gharabari Plots With Boundary Walls Pipili NH Side Per Sqft Rs 600/- (Installment Per Month Rs 5000/- Available)

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Yellow Zone Gharabari Plots With Boundary Walls NH Side Pahala Per Sqft Rs 2200/- (Installment Available)

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